Monday, 20 February 2012

Disney Princesses

This is my new Disney Princess series....after researching into them whilst I spent time in New York in 2010, I wanted to empower the princesses with the thought in mind that this would empower young girls. Tonight I went to see the amazing 'Missrepresentation' film and the quote 'you can't be what you can't see' really inspired me. It's what I wanted to do with this work. Girls, you can do anything.
2011 is the first year since 1979 that women have not gained seats in Congress. Surely that says something about the word we're living in now.
Here's a selection of the images from the see them as lovely light boxes, my current solo show 'It's a Girl' is on at Aubin Gallery until 9th March.

Here is a trailer for the amazing film 'Missrepresentation'. Everyone should see it...


Amy said...

Absolutely love these! Been seeing a lot of art around the Disney princesses recently, and so often these 'new imaginings' just push them further into the role of submissive victim (don't know if you've seen Thomas Czarnecki's torture victim princesses?).

These are great though, and definitely what we need to be showing young girls!

Sarah Maple said...

Thank you!! Just round the time I revealed these, it seemed lots of other versions were popping up and I thought 'Noooo!' hehe! But actually I realised the others were really dark and a sort of putting them in their place sort of feel? I really wanted to empower them! SO glad you like them xx

Kay said...

So glad I found your work, I'm currently writing an essay about why feminism is still relevant today
and why I demonstrate it using performance art. Thank you, your works given me a great insight. Plus it's entertained me for hours. Your works just brilliant!