Monday, 5 September 2011

'What are Sarah Maple's future plans?'

The other day when I looked on my website stats, someone had typed in the question 'What are Sarah Maple's future plans?'

Well! I shall tell you.

Uncharacteristically for me I have been quite quiet the past two years and have only put out 5 new pieces of work. This is because I have been planning for the next big solo show of completely new work, which is exhibiting in 2012. I'm so used to making stuff and just putting it online straight away, but this time I wanted to do it differently. I have been preparing for this show for nearly 2 years, but I cannot reveal when/where just yet! But all will be revealed within the next couple of months. So much time and effort has gone into this and it's being really carefully put together, cherry picking the best stuff so we can have a really great show. It's been a long process but I wanted to find the right gallery and have the right team behind me. Now it's all in place the show will be soon!

For now I have a solo show opening in Paris which opens this Saturday 10th September. I'm so excited, I absolutely love Paris and the gallery is fantastic. I will post up details. I hope you can make it!

So I hope that answers the question 'What are Sarah Maple's future plans?'. For the person who typed in 'Sarah Maple's tits' or 'Sarah Maple naked', I will not rush to be answering that enquiry any time soon. ha!

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Holly said...

Totally thrilled to hear you are going to have a solo show next year! I honestly can't wait.