Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Me on Sarah's Barbaren, VPRO dutch tv 14th September!

There is a half hour documentary on me and my work in a wonderful new series called 'Sarah's Barbaren' on VPRO, dutch tv. It's on at 10.55pm on wednesday 14th September. You can also watch it online from thursday. The show was filmed back in April and they followed me for a week. Absolutely lovely crew and Sarah was amazing. Excited to see it but know I will spend the whole time cringing at myself. Gah!
If you're in Amsterdam there will be some work at KochxBos gallery from 17th September-18th October.


End Art said...

Go on you Barbie Barbarian!

Bessel said...

Sarah Maple.... You Rock! I've seen the documentary on our Dutch Channel....really impressive. Keep up "waking up"US :-)


Anonymous said...

sarah I'm the docu.gezien at VPRO ie super. barbarians and should be.;) to continue to look. young people and older:) keep up the search with this trip. feel smell taste. x holland

Hanna said...

Hi you crazy artist. I'm a swedish fan of your art, and I was just wondering sons things (since I'm in the beginning of my final artproject within my upper secondary programme; art & design)
If you would become a man for 24 hours(or longer), what would you do? Which everyday actions would you take advantage of, as being the opposite sex?

I'm going to interview some feminists from the swedish government and also, some blogging feminists. I came actually to think of you first, since you seemed to be the
right person to ask, and besides, you're such an
inspirational person.

I would be very grateful if I got some sort of answer. You can ofcourse email me if you have any questions yourself.