Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Hooray for the dutch! Here's the documentary in full!

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Anonymous said...

Sarah yu R sooooooooooo GOOOOOOOD!!
Its reallllyy amazing...yur craZy IDEA... Luv it!!

Nicky said...

Just saw the second half on tv and was inspired! Thanks Sarah

Nieke Hummels said...

Dear Sarah!

I Saw the documentary "sarah's barbaren" , and I really liked it!
I feel embarrassed, but i had no I idea who you are. Now that I've seen a bit of your work, and your motivation to make your own art, I can say, you are a inspiration to me.
I'm an art student myself, and sarah you make me a bit jealouse! =D Thank you!

I wish you much love and succes, Nieke

Petra said...

I just watched the documentary.... Wauw!! You go girl! Loved it to bits, such an inspiration :-)

Laura Polder said...

Hi Sarah! We're 2 teacher from Amsterdam and saw your docu! We really loved it and want to use you and your art as an acample. If you are ever in Amsterdam again..please contact us, we want to have you in our classes! Stay you and be more creative :-)
A warm hug from us, Brigit Dreves and Laura Polder