Sunday, 20 February 2011

Stewart Lee, my hero

Comedy is still not credited with being a form of art which is madness. Especially when watching Stewart Lee. I've only got into him recently when Jamie sent me a link to a film he made about the controversy around Jerry Springer the Opera (which he wrote). I really related to him in this film as I've obviously had a very similar experience with my work. Anyway, below I have attached a film for your pleasure which I can't stop watching - may appeal to majority of British watchers as it's about Clarkson but have a go.

When people ask me which artists I'm influenced by, I always go totally blank. There are artists I like and appreciate visually and technically but conceptually it is always comedians. Comedians are what make me really happy and excited, I can relate to them so much more. Obviously they're not all great like in any art form, but I'm so inspired by those amazing gems. What I like about art and what I think is the purpose of art, is to reflect or say something about the world. I think this is the role of artists. I suppose this is why so much art bores, frustrates and incenses me because I don't see any real depth, just a waffling supporting essay.

On another note here is a link to an interesting blog about sexism, racism and ageism in the art world HERE.


Chantal said...

you have me hooked - I'm watching Stewart Lee clips now!

Fi said...

I wasn't expecting much, just a few laughs at the expense of Top Gear and their unPC opinions, but that was a slice of genius.

Sarah Maple said...

I know! Such a genius. Using his comedy to say something. Just love him!

Damn-Deal-Done said...

As we all know, the disclaimer really didn't save him a long and tedious exchange of emails.