Thursday, 24 February 2011

lad's mags.

This guy Piers is absolutely misguided.

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bluishbirds said...

Clearly he hasn't been talking to many people who don't work with or for him, needs to see and understand the arguement of a mother, one of which he has. Or just talk to the "models" which is a word I use lightly because it's one half of phrase "role model", the definition of which is someone to base yourself on which should never be encoraged in the case of these women. I'm pretty sure they're not to proud of themselves when you ask them how they feel that what they are doing is essentially wanking material for guys who are old enough to be their father and grandfather. I hope I never encounter such ignorance in person.

Personally I think page 3 shouldn't infect the newspapers, and lads mags should be sold online or behind the counter and kept away from everyones eyes. Totally makes me feel like crap, and lower than low when I see them.